Welcome aboard the Mystery Train.  Ladies feel free to join the Mystery Man's Angels. Men feel free to join the Mystery Man's Mafia. Everyone feel free to join on and have fun as the Mystery Train travels on. 

 Annual Membership Includes:

  • An official t-shirt or cap (your choice) with either Mystery Man's Angels on it for the ladies, or Mystery Man's Mafia for the men. Please email the fan club president Dixie at after getting your membership, and let her know if you would like a t-shirt or cap. If you choose a t-shirt, you will also need to let Dixie know your size (small, medium, large, XL, etc.)
  • An official personalized fan club button 
  • A fan club membership card 
  • Members-only exclusive chat sessions with Jon Cotner (live audio) from time to time when he has available time.
  • One free CD giveaway each month to a lucky winner (a CD of their choice - music CD or a Bible study). To assure all members a chance to win, members who win the CD will not not be eligible to enter another CD drawing for 3 months, but they will be eligible for other free giveaways. 
  • A lot more surprises and prizes.
  • The membership is annual, and there will be a discounted renewal fee for those wishing to renew. 


We also accept payments for those who can't afford to pay the annual membership fee at once. Email the fan club president Dixie at: for more details.

You can also use Bill Me Later with Paypal where you can pay over a 6 month period

Since we have just started the fan club, we expect to have all t-shirts, caps, buttons and membership cards made by the end of April, and that is when they are going to be shipped to everybody that joined. 


1. All members must respect each other on and off the Internet. Anyone who is found harassing another member unjustly will receive warning, and will be subject to having their membership revoked at Jon Cotner's discretion without refund of any fan club dues. 

2. We ask during chat sessions for all members to respect our no profanity rule as there are many children who come to the chat sessions with their parents. Anyone violating this rule will be arrested and taken straight to the electric chair and disposed of. Haha, just kidding. Anyone breaking this rule will receive a slap on the wrist and a respectful reminder. Anyone who persistently continues with no reason to do, will again be subject to having their membership revoked from chat privileges at Jon's discretion. The entire reason for the fan club, aside from a friendly place for Jon's fans to get together, is an attempt to assure family-friendly chat amongst fans and friends without a hateful atmosphere. 

3. Private information amongst fan club members is to be kept private at all times. This includes but is not limited to chat session passwords, or any informations whatsoever that is to be kept secret regarding our chat room such as timing, location, etc.  

4. Jon Cotner wishes to maintain his privacy along with the privacy of his family. Any members who are found to be investigating Jon Cotner in any way, or aiding an investigation in any way, will be considered in violation of fan club rules as well, and may be subject to having their membership revoked without any refunds = again at Jon Cotner's discretion. This fan club is meant to be a friendly environment for friends and fans of Jon Cotner - not a place to gather information on Jon Cotner.  It is our personal opinion no true fan or friend of Jon would do such a thing. 

5. No member is allowed to share chat room sessions recordings with anybody else without permission from Jon Cotner. Anybody that is caught doing that will not be allowed to participate in any future chat room sessions, and may be subject to having their membership revoked. 

6. If any member has a problem with another fan club member, please email the fan club president Dixie at:, and she will see to it that Jon receives your message and will try and work it out in a civil fashion like friends and family do. 

Any further rules will be posted on this page in the future. In the meantime, thank you for your participation and God Bless you.

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